Organizations & People – The Tactician

Lately I have been feeling very optimistic because job market is finally churning again. My views might not be in sync with US government data, but that is fine. My views are based on what I am observing. The appointment pages and job classified sections of newspapers are beginning to fill up again and there are more job listings in job portals on the web. The reason for this increase, I guess, is that the dust kicked up by recession has settled and companies have a clearer picture of the near to medium term future. Blind enthusiasm has given way to hard nosed prudent decision making. Vacancies that had been put on hold are slowly but surely getting filled up because companies are realizing they need good people to keep things going and good people are available dirt cheap right now. Coming to the topic at hand, we will discuss “Tacticians” today.

In military parlance, Tactics refer to “actions taken to gain short term/ immediate advantage over enemy”. Companies need lots of “Tacticians” who can take the benefit of “Now, Here & Today”. These short term thinkers and doers are the ones who instinctively scan the environment for immediate opportunities.

I have never come across a person who would like to call himself a tactician. Everybody wants to be “Strategic”. While I understand that there is a mystique around the word “Strategic” it is actually “Tacticians” that give companies day to day edge and keep it going from strength to strength. These days companies live from one quarter to another and it is generally tacticians who ensure short term targets are met so that companies can report profits in their quarterly results.

Key Characteristics of Tacticians:

  1. Now, Here and Today: Tacticians focus on immediate. For them – now, here and today are more important than tomorrow. They attitude in life is be happy today, tomorrow will take care of itself. For them life is one big party and they need to enjoy it every moment of it.
  2. Action seekers: Tacticians are action seekers and hence you will find them where all the action is like in currency trading rooms of banks, stock exchange floors, salesmen, armed forces, adventurers, emergency rooms of hospitals, detectives, lawyers, police forces etc. Tacticians have huge inborn urge for action. They need to have their daily dose of adrenaline pumping action.
  3. Brave Hearts: Tacticians are brave hearts and risk takers. And no wonder so many of them fill the ranks of armed forces. Risk taking comes naturally to tacticians and they will take risks just to see how far they can push their limits. Failure does not deter them from taking risks. After all there is no fun in life if there is not risk involved. Tacticians go boldly where no man has gone before. They merrily go where angels fear to tread.
  4. Performers: Tacticians are performers by nature. What ever they do, there is an element of grace in their work. They can make even the most mundane tasks (not that you will find them often doing mundane tasks) look important and graceful. They love to be surrounded by people and always have a good story to tell.
  5. Challengers and doers: Tacticians believe in results and are not much concerned about the means, rules and regulations. And hence this often gets them into trouble with authority. Tacticians love to challenge the established ways of doing things in their effort to find more effective ways to achieve the goals.

Tacticians, though very friendly are not the most people oriented persons around. Since they are so thrill focussed, people find it difficult to make true soul connection with them. And this often is the reason why tacticians often find themselves in relationship (not only emotional) problems.

In a nutshell, Tacticians are the heart of the organizations. They are bold, brave, a little fool hardy but every bit lovable for their zest for life and results driven performance. If you want quick results, then tacticians are the best options.

Are you a Tactician:

  1. Do you have short attention span?
  2. Are you a party person?
  3. Do you like to be surrounded by people?
  4. Do you have a story or anecdote on any subject being discussed?
  5. Are you always looking for get rich quick methods?

Give your self 1 point for every yes answer and 0 for a no answer.

Rating Scale:

  • 5/ 4 points: Yes, you are a tacticians.
  • 3 points: Strong tendency towards being a tactician
  • 1 – 2 points: No you are not a tactician.